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Babybird home decor

Babybird home decor is handcrafted and each piece is unique.  Images below are a representation of the final product colors and general design, however each piece may vary slightly.  Stay tuned as new producs are always being added.   Lots happening at the nest!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Tiny Feet


thanks for stopping by friends!  as some of you may know, I am expecting a new little baby bird in July.    in order to spend some time recovering and bonding with our new little addition to the nest, I am putting the shop and workshops on maternity leave mode until I return in early September.  in the meantime, please visit the supportive retailers at the bottom of page for shopping.  I am still accepting 2024 bridal and baby shower favors, so feel free to continue to send those inquiries in.  I appreciate all your support!  

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