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Wood Panel

Meet heather

Hi Friend!  Thanks for stopping by my site!   I am a proud Buffalo native and current resident, a 15 year former resident of my beloved NYC, and most importantly mommabird to a mischievous and lovable 7 year old and our wacky dog Clark.  My story is pretty standard, girl heads to big city from small town in order to chase her dreams, meets guy, gets married, buys a house, has a kiddo and successfully climbs the NYC corporate ladder.  But as life does, things change and I realized that, as corny as it sounds, the most important moments are in between the big ones.  While I was checking things off my life list, that's all I was doing-checking things off.  I was missing out on all the ordinary good stuff and it just so happened that the universe was pointing me towards a course correction.  So I reset, my kiddo and I moved back to my hometown to slow down a bit and focus on simplicity.  This is where Babybird Home Decor was born.  Creating art became my version of self care and what I realized was that I really enjoyed making art out of the ordinary things-coasters, magnets, and mugs.  I believe that art doesn't need to be stuffy or framed up on a wall in a gallery.  It can incorporated into the beautiful ordinary things that you use everyday and fills your home with joy.  Welcome to the nest.

learn the BTS story

Owner and artist Heather Thurman sat down with the Long Story Long Podcast to share her origin story and what makes Babybird so important. 

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